Who are we?

Calderdale Staying Safe is a domestic abuse support service provided by a well-established local charity. We have been providing free and confidential support for many years to people living in Calderdale who are experiencing domestic abuse. We believe that everyone has the right to live a life free from domestic abuse and we are working together with other services across Calderdale to build a safer community for everyone.  

Person on phone

We are an inclusive service, working with women, men and young people. We are a very experienced and diverse staff team providing high-quality support. We can support you to be safer; help you to understand how domestic abuse has affected you (and your children) and work with you to manage the impact of the abuse and any trauma it has caused so that you can move forward with your life.
We know that for many people, experiencing domestic abuse is very traumatising and we understand that reading some of the information on our website might be distressing or raise difficult memories. You may need to take your time and take care of yourself if you start feeling like this. Remember we are here to help if you need to talk to someone. 

How we can help

I need help

If you are experiencing domestic abuse or are still suffering from the impact of previous domestic abuse and need help

I am worried about someone else

If you are worried that a friend or a family member may be experiencing domestic abuse you may be unsure of what to do or how to help.

For professionals

If you are supporting someone affected by domestic abuse you can refer them directly into Calderdale Staying Safe.

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